Saturday, September 26, 2009

Folk Art Festival

1.5 inches of rain was expected today !!!! wouldn't ya' know?! The rain allowed me enough time to get my 'goodes' under roof and a few shoppers time to purchase ! The rain forced me to close shop early ...but we'll be back tomorrow. Some items from the pictures are sold...but still lots if you're in the area tomorrow (noon- 5 pm) stop by ! Enjoy !


  1. Oh Rach...How COOL!!!
    Love your backgrounds...
    Who's Horses???
    Great Buildings...
    Maybe tomorrow will be a better day...
    Your work is Always Wonderful, like you...
    Just love the young lad dressed up in his authentic garb...
    Much Happiness...Marilyn

  2. such great offerings...would have loved to attend this show. didn't know about it. please add me to your mailing list :)
    would love some prices on somet things. please email me.

  3. HI Rachel!
    your pictures are beautiful~ thanks for sharing them with us!

    and a big CONGRATS on your first ever booklet!!
    woohoo!!! I know it will be a huge success!!
    (and I Love the picture of the rug on the front...teehee!)

    Blessed be!
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm