Sunday, February 8, 2009

Greetings !

My finished wares will now be available at both local primitive shops...and online at I will be listing items at the primitive gathering the first day of March and the first of each month thereafter. For more info. on shops that sell (c) Fiddlycat Creations products, email me at As always, thank You for your continued support and purchases ! Look forward to doing business again with my previous customers and new faces as well ! New hand hooked rugs, dolls, and Fresh Goat's milk and Shea butter Soaps and Sugar and Salt scrubs are now available with scent & soap descriptions as follows:

Fresh Ginger Soap : Heavenly ! Fresh ginger shea butter soap base, coconut, grape seed, avocado oil, vitamin E, with calendula petals and fresh ginger scented oil. Very clean and moisturizing.

Lemon Sugar Soap: Goat's milk soap base with avocado, grape seed, coconut oil, Vitamin E, calendual petals, and lusicious smelling lemon sugar scented oil ! Smells good enough to eat !

Lavender Bliss : dried lavender has been added to our home made soap base with coconut, grape seed, avocado oils, vitamin E, and the BEST smelling lavender essential oil I've found.

Perfect soap for stress relief !

Cucumber Melon Soap : All I can say is YUM ! Very similar to B&BW line...a clean cucumber melon scented oil has been added to a home made shea butter soap base with coconut, meadowfoam, grape seed, avocado oil and Vitamin E. Very sudsy and moisturing. A sure favorite !

Be sure to visit The Primitive Gathering for some of the best hand made primitives from talented artist across the U.S. !


  1. It's About TIME!!!Great to have you there Rach...Better yet, I'm happy you found some time (in your busy schedule) to make some of the things you Love...Always loved your work and maybe I can even get some of your so smooth Soaps!!!

  2. Oh they all sound so nice....especially the fresh ginger ~ wish we could scratch and sniff. Best of luck to'll do great on Primitive Gatherings. Have a wonderful day ~~ Jenn