Saturday, September 26, 2009

Folk Art Festival

1.5 inches of rain was expected today !!!! wouldn't ya' know?! The rain allowed me enough time to get my 'goodes' under roof and a few shoppers time to purchase ! The rain forced me to close shop early ...but we'll be back tomorrow. Some items from the pictures are sold...but still lots if you're in the area tomorrow (noon- 5 pm) stop by ! Enjoy !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just a reminder ......

The Fall Folk Arts Festival will take place later this month.... be sure to join us !

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Folk Arts Festival

What a lazy blogger I've been..... I have completely negelected this blog the last few months and appologize to those that may be following. I promise I will try to do better and post more frequently ! Sept. 26th and 27th are dates to mark on your calendar as this is when the annual Fall Folk Arts Festival takes place at the Exchange Place in Kingsport. I will have a 'small' tent set up with some of my finished items for sale. I have Santa's , Snowmen, a brand spanking first ever book !! ...hand painted holiday signs....soaps...soaps and more soaps.... primitive dolls...potpourri....I am really excited !! The book ( well... booklet...) is something that I've thought about creating for some time now... and finally sat down and spent two days putting it together !!

Though I will not have loads and loads of items as I've had in years past....I do have some really cute , fresh, one of a kind folk art to offer.... so if you're in the area.... do drop in ! Until next time...